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Hollow World Fest debuts at the Vince J. Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park on May 27, 2023 in Pensacola. This first-ever festival will include original music from a variety of bands and artists, individual booths with arts and crafts for sale, some of Pensacola's favorite food trucks, and drinks provided by Pensacola's own Handlebar. Click the button below to grab your tickets:

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Hollow World will be featuring some of Pensacola's favorite local bands. Check out the lineup for 2023 by clicking the link below.

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Sponsor Anchor

Hollow World has different tiers of sponsorship for businesses, and opportunities for artists to exhibit and sell their work.

Businesses have multiple tiers of sponsorship to choose from that will net different benefits. These benefits include 30 free tickets, a spot for an individual booth for the sale or promotion of the businesses services, the company name and logo on all banners, and more.
Artists that are interested in displaying and selling their work have the opportunity of purchasing a spot for an individual booth on the park grounds. This opportunity is not limited to visual artists, but any person applying for this type of sponsorship will have to be approved by the Hollow World committee.
Any food truck business that would like to be a part of Hollow World has the chance of parking their truck right inside of the event gates. The designated area for food trucks will be on the outskirts of the Maritime Park's Hunter Amphitheater grounds.
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